Reveal talent
with My1Min®


Technology with a Heart AS has developed a new and modern way to reveal talent in the recruitment process.


For job seekers
Job seekers may present themselves to an employer in a new dimension, in order to get attention and possibly be invited for an interview. Videos may be deleted at any time, to prevent them from going viral. The service may be used to apply for any job, and is completely free of charge for job seekers.


For employers
Employers looking for new employees get to see the person behind the job application and may reveal overlooked talent. In this intuitive tool you may easily "meet" the person behind the résumé at an early stage. The pay-per-use plan is flexible to support the needs of every business, both suited for small companies and large corporations.


Currently, the service is launched in English, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. More languages will be launched during 2019.


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You have to stand out
to show that
you´re outstanding!
— Technology with a Heart